UserpicMads Brugger and The Ambassador
Posted by Elizabeth

If you are a fan of Mads Brugger, who went behind the Iron Curtain separating South and North Korea in his first doc Red Chapel, you will enjoy The Ambassador even more. As Karinna Longworth from LA Weekly notes in her Sundance review, Mads represents the latest form of gonzo journalism, following in the foot steps of Hunter S. Thompson but taking more risk to expose political corruption.

This time Mads travels to the Central African Republic under diplomatic pretense. He brings a strong fashion sensibility to his mission, like Sean O'Connory in the early Bond films if he were dressed by Helmut Lang, which climaxes in one political assassination and a failed attempt to smuggle diamonds. Mads escape back to the Congo and civilization leaves many questions unanswered except to highlight that political corruption in Africa is so entrenched that the current president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson, was banned from holding political office at one point in her career on grounds of crimes against humanity.

Hope that everybody will be able to catch the movie soon in a theater near you. Stay tuned.


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