UserpicOne Mind Screening at Laemmle LA
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ONE MIND is an experiment in Buddhist filmmaking. ONE MIND offers an intimate glimpse into a thriving Buddhist monastery in modern China.


One Mind Screening

Laemmle Monica Film Center

Laemmle Playhouse 7


UserpicConstructing Albert Review
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"Within just a year of establishing 41°, Albert announces its closure in 2014, anticipating the launch of his high-concept dining experience Enigma the following year. Defining a viable business model and finalizing the space’s modernist design prove as puzzling as the restaurant’s name, however. Before long, planning extends into a second year with no opening date in sight, putting both Albert’s investment in the project and his personal reputation at stake."

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Constructing Albert is to play at Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 5-8, 2018.

Albert Adrià. He will soon be running five restaurants in the same district of Barcelona—and literally runs across the street to manage them. But he is more than a good chef—that is, commander of the kitchen. Of all of his ilk, he is probably the best cook, a magician of the kitchen, able to sew together inspiration and execution seamlessly.
The 13 Gods of Food, Time Magazine

A wonderful film will be showing in Boulder at the Dairy Arts Center the first week of January, the 1st-6th: One Mind: A Zen Pilgrimage.

More info on the film here:

One Mind is a rare cinematic portrait of life inside one of China’s most austere and revered Zen communities. The monks at Zhenru Chan Monastery continue to uphold a strict monastic code established over 1400 years ago by the founding patriarchs of Zen in China. In harmony with the land that sustains them, the monks operate an organic farm, grow tea, and harvest bamboo to fuel their kitchen fires. At the heart of this community, a group of cloistered meditators sit in silence for 8 hours every day. Suggesting a Zen version of the critically acclaimed film Into Great Silence, One Mind offers an intimate glimpse into a thriving Buddhist monastery in modern China.

But more than a portrait of life within this monastic community, ONE MIND is an experiment in Buddhist filmmaking. A markedly quiet and contemplative film, Burger has set forth to craft a documentary that is not ‘about’ Buddhism, but rather a ‘Buddhist film’. Taking inspiration from traditional Zen stories and lessons told to him by elder monks and teachers at Zhenru monastery, each chapter of the film explores the trials and challenges we all must face when we set forth to become wiser, kinder human beings. In ONE MIND we learn that this journey begins when we turn our gaze inward. That no matter how far we have traveled and how many mountains and valleys we have crossed, the true adventure awaits us within the landscapes of our own mind.

Director Edward A. Burger (Amongst White Clouds) has lived and studied with Buddhist communities throughout China for over 15 years, and is the first Western filmmaker to be granted such unprecedented access to the daily rituals and traditions practiced in this remote mountain monastery.


UserpicExistential ‘Kati Kati’ Finds US Home
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Juno Films is set to release 'Kati Kati' in the US market.

"Whatever reference points can be found in Masya's work, the work itself still feels like an original, vibrant and exciting statement from a talented filmmaker who clearly has much more to say."

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